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The LWV of Huntington is an active and vibrant nonpartisan voluntary organization. Our mission is to encourage and engage citizens into being active and educated participants in government. We never ever support a politician or party. However, if after a careful and thorough study of an issue, we do come to a consensus, we advocate and lobby for it as well as lobbying and advocating for the national and state league legislative positions.

Democracy is not a spectator sport and we in the LWV of Huntington are definitely not spectators. We do voter registration drives, sponsor candidate nights, engage students in programs at their schools, help register new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, visit our elected politicians, attend Huntington Town Board meetings, do programs on the environment, health care, government, etc.



You are invited to the LWV of Huntington's Annual Garden Tea Party
Saturday, August 11, 2018 2:00pm - 5:00pm
22 Nevinwood Place, Huntington Station

It is that time of year to don your fancy summer hat and lift your favorite teacup!

Join your friends for a delightful afternoon Saturday, August 11 in Dianne's flower garden. Enjoy some special teas, delicious treats, and clever conversation. Select from fun raffle prizes and try your hand in a 50/50 fundraiser! And be amazed by South African-born singer/songwriter Toby Tobias. Toby promises to share - through story and song - insights from his life in South Africa, Israel, and the United States. I encourage you to learn more about this talented artist at

To help us cover the expense of the event, we are asking our members to contribute $15 to attend. And if you've haven't renewed your 2018-19 membership (or haven't joined the League yet) we are giving you a special incentive of asking only $10 for you to attend the party + just be sure to bring your dues payment with you!

RVSP required! Please let us know to expect you (and your friends) by telephoning 631-385-8314 no later than August 6!



On June 4 we gather once again to celebrate the successes of the past year and to look forward to the year to come.  In keeping with the evening's theme of Making Democracy Work Across the Generations, Judie Gorenstein, the esteemed president of the LWV of Huntington League for many years, will provide you with her special insight about the progress the League has made in giving each generation greater access to the ballot. 


Join us on June 7 at the Harborfields Public Library to outline your own plan to run a voter registration drive with expert tips from the LWV of Huntington.  Attendees will be guided through the steps developed by the LWVNYS to make these events successful. Please note that seating is limited.  To reserve your seat contactLWVHUNTINGTONNY@GMAIL.COM by June 4.


On April 11, residents of the Huntington community had the chance to get their questions answered by Janet Smitelli and Steve Stern - the candidates running to fill the New York State 10th District Assembly seat. Many thanks to Lisa Scott, President of the LWV of Suffolk County, ILO, for moderating the forum. The breadth of the issues discussed were amazing. The forum was videotaped and is available in its entirety at on our YouTube channel.  Just following this link to view it:

Our first Take Action Workshop was met with enthusiasm on the evening of April 11.  The workshop, led by Erica West and Deb Cosher provided attendees with step-by-step instruction in assisting citizens to complete the NYS voter registration form.  We look forward to watching this new program evolve.


Members Meeting 3:15 pm, February 15 Elwood Public Library  
Death with Dignity Concurrence & Charter School Position Update

Following our monthly Board of Directors meeting on February 15, LWV Huntington members are invited come together at the Elwood Public Library, located at 1929 Jericho Turnpike, East Northport, NY, to consider our concurrence with the LWV Utah's Death with Dignity position and an update of the LWV New York's position on charter schools.   


During the 2017 LWN New York State Convention, delegates' approved to consider concurrence with the LWV Utah's Death with Dignity position and to update the LWV New York's position on charter schools.  Each local League has been requested to notify the LWV New York of its approval or rejection of these decisions.  After a brief review of these positions, we will determine whether our League:

Does or does not concur with the League of Women Voters of Utah's Death with Dignity' position.  This position supports the passage of state laws that grant the option for a terminally ill person to request medical assistance from a relevant, licensed physician to end one's life.  The LWV Utah believes such legislation should include safeguards against abuse for the dying and/or medical personnel.     

Approves or rejects updating the LWVNY's current position on charter schools in New York State.  The update would delete the sentence in this position that caps the number of charters that could be granted at 100. Since the policy was written in 2006, the cap has been exceeded and is therefore no longer a relevant number. Please note that deleting this sentence will not effect of the League's current position on charter schools. The League will continue to support a limitation on the number of charters in New York State. The League believes that the number of charter schools should not be increased without evidence of prior successful implementation.  

Learn More 

The complete set of study materials developed by the LWV Utah to determine their Death with Dignity position can be found on the LWV New York website at:  The LWV New York Charter Schools Update materials can also be found on the LWV New York's website at:


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For nearly 100 years our members have made the League of Women Voters winning, independent, and strong. The League has been at the forefront of empowering citizens to fully participate in the democratic process.  It is one of most respected and effective grassroots political organizations in the nation. Since its inception in 1920, the League has been free from ties to political parties or candidates for public office.  Your membership with the LWV Huntington unites you with over 700 Leagues in making democracy work. The League is are active at the local, county, state, and national level.  The League is active in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

In 2017, member dues supported the League of Women Voters of Huntington in:

  • Registering over 1,000 voting age citizens at high schools, colleges, US Naturalization Ceremonies, skilled nursing facilities, community events, public libraries, and centers serving special needs adults
  • Informing voters through Meet the Candidate Night forums for the Huntington Township Supervisor Primary Election, Suffolk County Legislature Election, the Huntington Township Supervisor, Council, and Superintendent of Highways Elections, and a number of Board of Education elections. For this work, the LWVNY granted us an honorable mention for the Susan B. Anthony Making Democracy Work Award.
  • Meeting with Town, County, State, and Federal elected officials to educate and advocate in support of League positions on voting law, voter turnout, community development, and environmental protection.
  • Inspiring hundreds of young people towards greater civic participation through programs such as Vote 18, Students Inside Albany, and Student Day at Suffolk County Legislatureprograms. Our Running & Winning program to encourage girls to run for public office is scheduled for 2018. The LWVNY granted us with the Eleanor Roosevelt Youth Program Award for our service. 

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Your Huntington League membership dues support all levels of League activity.  LWV Huntington members and automatically become a member of the Suffolk County, New York State and the United States League of Women Voters. In addition to receiving The Huntington Voter newsletter you will be connected to all County, State, and National League communications.  And know that the membership dues you send today will keep you in good standing through June 30, 2019! 

If you want to join us in making a real difference, please take a moment to complete our membership application to let us know all the ways you would like to be involved.  To join just download the following image or click here to download our Membership Application form. Please print it, fill it out, and mail it along with your dues check to: League of Women Voters of Huntington, PO Box 20693, Huntington Station, NY 11746. to join us today!

Activities Calendar


Two Huntington Students Selected for the 2018 Students Inside Albany Conference

We are delighted to announce that one student from Cold Spring Harbor High School and another from Harborfields High School have been selected to attend this year's Student Inside Albany Conference. The Committee was impressed with their enthusiasm, maturity and strong desire to bring back what they learn in Albany to their schools and the larger community. They will participate in a four-day interactive program, which will be held at our State Capitol that gives students insight on how their state government functions and on the responsibilities and roles of their local state representatives.

2017-2018 School Year Programs

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Huntington is inviting area schools to participate in four distinct programs for high school students. Each program is developed to inspire and educate students about our political process and promote civic education. In addition to these listings, the League can coordinate programs with the Suffolk County Board of Elections to bring schools. We are also interested in discussing ideas for new programs.

Student Day at Suffolk County Legislature
May 21, 2018

Open to All High School Students This full-day program, which will be held at the Suffolk County Legislature, gives students an opportunity to meet with a number of legislators to learn about the legislative process at the county level.

Running and Winning
April 18, 2018
Open to Junior and Senior Year Girls
Running and Winning is an interactive program that encourages girls to take an active interest in government and politics. Students will have the opportunity to meet women public officials, interview them, and work in small groups on the project, `Women Can Win'.

Students Inside Albany
May 20 to May 24
Open to All High School Students
A four-day interactive program, which will be held at our State Capitol that gives students insight on how their state government functions and on the responsibilities and roles of their local state representatives. We will be providing additional information about the program and an application for students who are interested in being considered for attending the program in December 2017. The League of Women Voters pays for all expenses including transportation to Albany.

After January 1, 2018
Open to All High School Students
We will bring this interactive session to your school to impress upon students the importance of voting. This in class, one-period session includes a brief history of enfranchisement in the U.S., a mock election where topics in the upcoming election that are important as well as relevant to students will be discussed. Eligible students will also have the opportunity to register to vote. Teachers can request the dates and times they want us to present the program.

For additional information about these programs or to get involved with our Youth Committee, please contact:

Judie Gorenstein
Youth Committee Co-Chair

Fran Hyde
Youth Committee Co-Chair
631-549-3737 FSH1@OPTONLINE.NET

Issues Education

Shedding the light on political issues is central to the League of Women Voters of Huntington education and advocacy activities. Our nonpartisan policy requires us to guard against the application of biased or imbalanced information. Therefore, the League of Women Voters of Huntington is conducting programs to help the members of our community become informed on issues that are vital to the general well-being of society and are at the forefront of today's politics. The initial series focused on the current and future state of health care policy.

The State of US Health Care Policy Jan. 25, 2017 The League of Women Voters of Huntington examine the logic behind our nation's policy to expand its citizen's access to health insurance coverage. We compare the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Rep. Tom Price's and Rep. Paul Ryan's bills to replace ACA. We also look at how successful ACA has been in meetings its goals in improving the quality, cost, and access to health insurance coverage. Presenter: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington

Health Policy Voices from the Front March 8, 2017

Meeting to gain insight about the implementation of health care policy from the perspectives of patients, medical providers, employers, health insurers, and public policymakers.   Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists: Nicole Christensen, MS, CEO, Care Answered Kathy Giffuni, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, Nurse Manager, Dolan Family Health Center Michael B Grosso, MD, FAAP, Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, Huntington Hospital Lauren Licausi, MA, Director of Human Resources of Cedar Realty Trust William R. "Doc" Spencer, MD, Suffolk County Legislator  Jeff Weiner, CEO of HKM Associates Insurance Services

Medicare & Medicaid Myth Busting April 8, 2017

Meeting to describe the basic components of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, provide evidence that confirms or refutes leading beliefs about the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and to identify strategies to navigate participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists:  Michele L. Albohn, CMP, In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting LLC Nancy Gaska, President, WizdomCare Senior Solutions

Media Resources

Get up to the minute information about our activities, positions, and upcoming meetings on Facebook (

Watch full length videos of LWVH events, including Meet the Candidates forums, on our YouTube Channel (

LWV Huntington Voter

News from Town Hall

April 10, 2018

PUBLIC PORTION: There were many speakers, including Steve Stern, in opposition to the development of 50 acres in Elwood on Jericho Turnpike between Manor and Warner Roads on property leased for 99 years.  A new date for May's meeting was set for the 17th at Elwood Middle School, a larger venue than Town Hall, because of the controversy among residents. There were speakers in support of the construction of a care facility by Kidz Plus for adults with special needs proposed for property on Cuba Hill Rd., in order to enable families to be closer to their children.  The owner, Tammie Topel, has reduced the size of the residence to 5500 square feet on a 2 acre property.  The board granted an extension of 90 days to July 14 to give its decision on a zoning change.   RESOLUTIONS: The Town Board authorized Property to Renaissance Downtowns to begin construction on 66 apartments and retail in Huntington Station on New York Ave. and Olive Street. Urge Gov. Cuomo to designate qualifying census tracts in Huntington Station (low employment rates) as an Opportunity Zone for federal government tax support. Acceptance of an additional $50,000 grant from NYS to fund the renovation of the James Conte Center, replacing the old armory. $845,850 was awarded to HART bus systems by Suffolk County.   ENACTMENT: Landmark designation given to the Teich House, 12 Academy Place Huntington Station.   In Other News: A draft study called The Crab Meadow Watershed Hydrology Study and Stewardship Plan  is open for review.  The findings would affect land from Crab Meadow Golf Course south to the VA facility and from Indian Hills Country Club west to the Northport Nation Grid facility.  This environmental study effects everything from runoff and pesticides to land development

Submitted by: JoAnn McCarthy


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We welcome inquiries about our work and how we can help you make democracy work.  Feel free to email our President or any of our Committee Chairs if have questions about the League of Women Voters of Huntington.  You can also call us at (631) 421-5164.

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