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The LWV of Huntington is an active and vibrant nonpartisan voluntary organization. Our mission is to encourage and engage citizens into being active and educated participants in government. We never ever support a politician or party. However, if after a careful and thorough study of an issue, we do come to a consensus, we advocate and lobby for it as well as lobbying and advocating for the national and state league legislative positions.

Democracy is not a spectator sport and we in the LWV of Huntington are definitely not spectators. We do voter registration drives, sponsor candidate nights, engage students in programs at their schools, help register new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, visit our elected politicians, attend Huntington Town Board meetings, do programs on the environment, health care, government, etc.

If you wish to know more about us, call the LWV of Huntington at (631) 421-5164 or email our officers or attend any of our meetings including board meetings. All are welcome!

LWV Huntington President: Colette Steward Knuth

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Issues Education

The State of US Health Care Policy Jan. 25, 2017 The League of Women Voters of Huntington examine the logic behind our nation's policy to expand its citizen's access to health insurance coverage. We compare the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Rep. Tom Price's and Rep. Paul Ryan's bills to replace ACA. We also look at how successful ACA has been in meetings its goals in improving the quality, cost, and access to health insurance coverage. Presenter: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington

Health Policy Voices from the Front March 8, 2017

Meeting to gain insight about the implementation of health care policy from the perspectives of patients, medical providers, employers, health insurers, and public policymakers.   Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists: Nicole Christensen, MS, CEO, Care Answered Kathy Giffuni, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, Nurse Manager, Dolan Family Health Center Michael B Grosso, MD, FAAP, Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, Huntington Hospital Lauren Licausi, MA, Director of Human Resources of Cedar Realty Trust William R. "Doc" Spencer, MD, Suffolk County Legislator  Jeff Weiner, CEO of HKM Associates Insurance Services

Medicare & Medicaid Myth Busting April 8, 2017

Meeting to describe the basic components of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, provide evidence that confirms or refutes leading beliefs about the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and to identify strategies to navigate participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists:  Michele L. Albohn, CMP, In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting LLC Nancy Gaska, President, WizdomCare Senior Solutions

LWVH YouTube Channel

LWV of Huntington has its own youtube channel This is where we will be posting all of our videos.

Voter Service Programming Highlights

Voter Service Programming Highlights from 2016-17

Voter Registration Voter Services Co-Chair Barbara Magaliff again took the lead in organizing our voter registration services at the Naturalization Ceremonies that are held at the US District Court Eastern District of New York. And to make registering to vote available to the widest community, Diane Slavin, Voter Services Chair and Barbara coordinated our presence at area libraries, high schools, colleges, places of worship, and other program centers. On National Voter Registration Day alone, LWV of Huntington members were present at over 20 sites throughout the community. We also had a large presence at two well-attended community events. It is worthwhile noting of how we were greeted by many attendees of these events with positive comments and words of encouragement. We are proud to report that through these efforts, our League was able to register over 1,000 citizens.

Candidate Forums Six candidate forums were conducted. Thanks to Brenda Walker and Joyce all three forums were videotaped and made available on YouTube, Facebook, and during our public access television slot. Joyce took on the job of updating our information about the candidates on the LWV's site. We partnered with the LWV of Nassau County ILO and the local Nassau Leagues to hold a forum for 3rd Congressional District primary candidates. A forum for the New York State 2nd and 5th Senate district and NYS Assembly 10th and 12th district candidates was held shortly after. Just days before the general election, we conducted a candidate forum for the hotly contested 3rd Congressional District. We are now active in conducting candidate forums for local school district board elections. We thank Nancy Rosenthal, President of the Nassau County League for moderating the first forum and Lisa Scott, President of the LWV of Suffolk County ILO for moderating at the last two forums. We also thank Judie Gorenstein for her guidance in clarifying and communicating our forum policies went far to make these events a valuable information-gathering experience for those in attendance.

LWV Huntington Voter publication

The most recent issue of LWV Huntington's Voter publication

News from Town Hall

July 11, 2017

HEARINGS: Hearing 4 considered adding more parks that allow dog walking on leash, excluding all beaches. Hearing 6 concerned Uber and Lyft operating in town. The president of the Taxi Owners Assoc. wants all drivers to meet the same requirements as taxi drivers, ie., fingerprints, criminal background checks, etc.

RESOLUTIONS: The Town Board authorized A Phase 2 Parking Feasibility Study costing $12,700 for the parking garage in Huntington Village. Application for funding from the Alzheimer Foundation for brain Gym classes at the Adult Daycare Center. Application for funding for grants in preparation for the 100th Anniversary of Hecksher Park. Acquisition of development rights for Farmland Preservation of Tilden Farm property. Application for funding from the Federal Transit Administration for HART System Waiving plumbing permit fees for installation of advanced treatment septic systems initiated by Suffolk County Action on 8 "blighted" properties for failure to comply

ENACTMENTS: Acquisition of the Peter Crippen House at 61 Creek Rd. adjacent to the Huntington Sewer District facility Zoning change to R-3M Garden Apartments for property on Hauppague Rd., east of Larkfield Rd., Commack Zoning change to R-3M Garden Apartments for property on Creek Rd., east of Wall St., Halesite Expedited building permits will be processed after hours for residential property for an additional fee of $750 for up to 2 hours. Business owners can pay an additional fee of $2000 for up to 4 hours. After that each additional hour costs $250. What would have taken 4 to 5 weeks takes 4 to 5 days. Approval of Airbnb and VRBO whereby, homes, which are owner occupied, may rent individual rooms or accessory apartments for "short term rentals" of up to 30 consecutive days. Owners are restricted to renting any portion of the property for no more than 120 days per year.

Submitted by: JoAnn McCarthy

Education Programming Highlights

Education Programming Highlights from 2016-17

Youth Programs Led by Fran Hyde and Judie Gorenstein, the work of the Youth Committee has been outstanding this year particularly in reaching out to our members and to our community's young people. In addition to coordinating the Running & Winning, Vote 18, Students Inside Albany, and Students Inside Suffolk County Legislature, members of the Youth Committee have met with high school and college students to gather their ideas about how they would like to become more politically aware and active. In line with that strategy, the Committee established a system in which individual League members are liaisons with a specific high school. Attendance at Committee meetings grew after it switched its meeting time from morning to evening to give working members and students the opportunity to attend. The Committee is partnering with two youth groups with interests in education and advocacy. The League co-sponsored a student debate on the merits of the Electoral College vs the Popular Vote and Capitalism vs Social Democracy with the Next Generation Politics student group in January; and is working with them to conduct another program focusing on Freedom of Speech. The League will co-sponsor with another youth group a town hall meeting at the Suffolk County Legislature on Civil Rights this spring. The Youth Committee and Voter Services Committees are also in the final days of completing a special project funded by the LWVUS to increase youth voter registration and voter participation.

Community Education In light of the recent public's concern over the quality of information available to them, our League initiated a program to give greater clarity on issues important to the LWV and the community in general. Dianne and Brenda led a taskforce in developing the content and delivery of this material. A three-part series on US health care policy was chosen as the topic to pilot this program. Each presentation was videotaped, posted on Facebook and YouTube, and aired on public access television. The Suffolk County Legislature Health Committee invited Colette Knuth, the League's President to speak to the Committee about the Affordable Care Act and American Health Care Act. In addition, Brenda Walker, who we thank for taking on the wonderful work of Barbara Jo Kingsley as the new editor of The Voter, added a new column to The Voter. This `Action Column', currently penned by Erica West, focuses on what our members can do to make their voices heard politically outside the voting booth. Attendee evaluations of these programs was very high, however, the Taskforce determined that additional work was required to develop strategies that emphasize working with like-minded organizations and to make our community aware of the importance of their attendance. Getting the word out about our important service is a task for all of our League activities.

LWV of Huntington Leadership

Officers of LWV Huntington

Colette Knuth

Vice Presidents
Pat Fuchs
Judie Gorenstein
Brenda Walker

Treasurer and Membership Chair
Joyce Whitehead

Recording Secretary
Pat Fuchs

Editor of Voter
Brenda Walker

Elected Directors
Elizabeth Hennessy
Fran Hyde
Barbara Magaliff
JoAnn Alario-Paulsen
Rosemarie Sepanski
Dianne Slavin

Appointed Directors
Ann Gardner
Linda Lessing
Arlene Forwand, Corresponding Secretary

Honarary Directors Emerita
Irene Ferrand

Active committees of LWV Huntington include:

Legislative committee
chair: Arlene Forwand

Voter Service committee
chairs: Dianne Slavin and Barbara Magaliff

Youth committee
chairs: Judie Gorenstein, Fran Hyde

Membership and Development committee
chair: Joyce Whitehead

Anyone interested in being on these committees should contact the committee chair for information.