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Educate and Advocate

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EANY May 30, 2019 Conference speakers included:

Maureen Cunningham, Senior Director for Clean Water, EANY;
Tyrand Fulller, Director Office of Strategic Initiatives and Lead Hydrogeologist, Suffolk County Water Authority;
Joan Leary Mathews, Senior Attorney and Director, Urban Water, Healthy People and Thriving Communities Program, Natural Resource Defense Council;
Jason Hime, Supervisor, Bureau of Drinking Water, Suffolk County Dept of Health Services, Office of Water Resources.

The following additional resources are available:

To view the status of bills in NY State, and to indicate your support or not, please go to

Visit the EPA's superfund website to find Superfund sites (contamination sites) I found 16 Superfund sites in Suffolk County on the website!

The NY Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) distributed informative report on emerging contaminants in NY drinking water `What's in my Water, can be found on

The Michigan PFAS 2019: Scientific and Policy Assessment for Addressing PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water was also referenced

EANY distributed a publication they wrote, "Advocacy Training Toolkit: A Citizens Guide to Responding to Contaminated Drinking Water'. To find out more about EANY visit their website

Visit the Citizens Campaign for the Environment website on 1,4 dioxane